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To add an upgrade:


  • Simply tell your therapist upon arrival.

  • Or you can add a specific upgrade you want in the notes when scheduling your massage!

At Birmingham Wellness Massage, you have options for UPGRADES to go along with your massage!  Why an upgrade? Imagine you’re at your favorite restaurant! The meal is already consistently fantastic! However your waiter lets you in on some new priceless information!  Starting this month, you can add certain upgrades to your main course! You peruse the menu excitedly discovering that crab is now an upgrade! You love crab! So upgrade here we come!


So as your virtual waiter, here is our menu of Upgrades:

image_6487327 2.JPG



Aromatherapy and massage are like two woven socks worn comfortably together! Massage promotes relaxation, as well as certain essential oils!  They both aid in the healing process and can promote reduction of inflammation, stiffness, and achiness in the muscles. Your therapist will use the diffuser to add the essential oils desired into the atmosphere of the room.  The essential oils will be added into the hands-on massage as well, so the client can experience the benefits of the essential oils both aromatically and topically!

image_6487327 3.JPG

Hot Stone


Add Hot Stones to your massage!  If your back and shoulders are aching for some extra attention, this is a wonderful option! As the large oblong stones glide over your muscles, the heat helps to relax the large back and shoulder muscles. The heat from the stones raises your inner temperature which make more blood flow!  More blood flow leads to oxygen moving through your body to help foster faster recovery! Hence why Hot Stones for therapies have been used for 5,000 years!

image_6487327 4.JPG



But wait? Isn’t CBD a type of massage already offered at Birmingham Wellness Massage?  That is absolutely true!  However you can upgrade any other massage and add CBD oil to it!  Why add CBD?  It can help in stress reduction, anxiety relief, and work as an anti-inflammatory. And even though it’s made from the cannabis plant it will NOT get you high! Most folks enjoy it so much that it becomes a must for future massages!


Himalayan Salt Stone


Himalayan salt stone is a complementary element used in aromatherapy. Due to its porous nature, it absorbs essential oils and releases them into the surrounding air. Using Himalayan salt stones in aromatherapy can amplify the effects of the essential oils, as the salt stones have their own mineral properties that can further contribute to relaxation and well-being. During a massage, it can be infused with CBD oil to enhance the therapeutic benefits and glide along the body, which creates a relaxing and sensory experience. Moreover, it promotes deep relaxation and relieves muscle tension.

Bundle Packages


Ultimate Upgrade

Enjoy three upgrades with a reduced price!

Hot Stone, CBD Oil, and Aromatherapy!


Ultimate Himalayan

Enjoy three upgrades with a reduced price!

Himalayan Salt Stone, CBD Oil, and Aromatherapy!

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