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Relaxing Massage

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Swedish massage therapy Birmingham, Al

Known most often as Swedish massage,  our Swedish Relaxation Massage uses light to firm pressure to smooth and relax muscles while reducing pain and stress. This massage will increase oxygen levels in the blood, decrease toxins in the muscles, improve flexibility and circulation and is beneficial for your overall well-being. The basic components of Swedish massage include: sliding, kneading, gliding, rhythmic tapping and other movements meant to smooth aching muscles. 

Though most people think of Swedish massage for relaxation, it is also beneficial for your overall well-being by increasing oxygen levels in the blood, decreasing toxins in the muscles, and improving flexibility and circulation.

Schedule Your Swedish Relaxation Massage


In a Swedish massage, a massage therapist will lubricate your skin with warm massage oil or lotion and perform a combination of massage strokes, using light to firm pressure, to work your muscles and soft tissues. The basic components of Swedish massage include:

  • sliding

  • kneading

  • gliding

  • rhythmic tapping

  • other movements meant to soothe aching muscles

These movements warm up the muscles and release tension, leaving you feeling relaxed and allowing the body’s different systems, including the lymphatic system, to work more efficiently. 


At Birmingham Wellness Massage, we recommend Swedish massage for people who are

  • New to massage therapy

  • stressed out or worried

  • stiff and achy

  • Feeling run down or depressed

We offer Swedish Massage Therapy at our Homewood location and our Hoover location. 

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