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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Birmingham, AL


A deep tissue massage is similar to the classic Swedish massage, but it uses harder pressure to target problem areas. The firm pressure and slow strokes of a deep tissue massage are intended to reach the deeper levels of the muscles, tissue, tendons, and fascia (the connective tissues surrounding your muscles).

However, a deep tissue massage is not simply a Swedish massage with greater pressure. This massage is intended to break down knots in your muscles (also called adhesions) that cause pain, inflammation, or a limited range of motion, in order to promote your body’s healing and repairing of muscles, tissues, and joints.

Because of its primary goal of breaking down long standing problem areas, a deep tissue massage is a great solution chronic muscle pain, injury rehabilitation, and other pain-related problems.



In a deep tissue massage, a massage therapist will lubricate your skin with warm massage oil or lotion and perform a combination of massage strokes, using firm pressure, to work your muscles, soft tissues, tendons, and fascia.

Unlike a Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage is intended for therapy and rehabilitation, not relaxation. Bear in mind that because many of the strokes utilized in this massage modality are slow and firm against the grain of the muscles, you may experience some slight discomfort.

We recommend deep tissue massages for people who are:

  • Experiencing chronic pain (specifically lower back pain)

  • Experiencing limited mobility

  • Recovering from an injury (such as whiplash or a fall)

  • Have a repetitive strain injury (such as carpal tunnel)

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